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Digital Publishing Electronic publishing is the short form of Digital publishing, referring to a type of publishing that does not include printed books. The recent trend in the publishing work is that all the printed form of books and articles are also prepared for digital displays. The e-publication materials are distributed on a compact disk, mailing, or provided in a compatible file format with handheld electronic readers. Businesses can also save money on employee manuals and training materials by e-publishing them. An added advantage here is that works can be in a click. Table of contents and indexes can all make navigating through technical e-books a breeze.

Digital Content generally refers to the electronic delivery of fiction which is shorter than book-length, nonfiction, documents and other written works of shorter length (Adobe PDF, XML, HTML, WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and other technologies).

Benefits of Digital Publishing:

  • Faster publishing time.
  • Greater flexibility within the writer/publisher relationship.
  • Digital publishing offers greater longevity for works with slower sales.
  • Negligible investment.
  • Writers can update text often and easily at virtually no cost.
  • Digital publications can have an ISBN number, just like printed books.
  • Writers get a higher percentage of royalties through digital publishing because of the less investments.
  • With Digital publishing writers normally retain mostly all rights to the work.

Our Digital publishing services are:

Digital Services:

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